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Recent  Projects

Xilinx MicroBlaze C/C++ firmware development under ISE/EDK enviornment.
Atmel Arm AT91SAM9261 handheld award winning battery powered instrument.
TI  MSC1214Y5 digital board design & firmware development for RF sensor
1Ghz National ADC08D1000 A/D board design for seconductor manufacturing sensor.
Assembly & C firmware development for 68HC12 convection oven controller.
VME hardware redesign of tire inspection instrumentation.
Hardware & assembly software MicroChip wireless garage door opener
Low cost discrete component automotive fan motor control design.
Atmel ATMEGA128L RV load leveler design review & redesign.
Assembly language firmware development for a 6801 pulse width modulated AC inverter .
Desk top AT90S2313 steam sterilizer hardware & software design.

Electronic Product Development

Control & Instrumentation
Design of an embedded CPU control board for an industrial application using Intel's 80C196KC with 16 by 64K of program memory, 8 by 32K of ram, 8 by 512 of E2 and 4 by 64 of NOVRAM. The completed design including PLD firmware and multilayer printed circuit board layout was finished in seven calendar weeks.

Wireless Entry
Design of a Wireless Keypad Entry System which uses RF to transmit an encoded bit stream to a garage door operating mechanism. The design is based upon National's extremely low cost, COP 400 series microcontroller. Product firmware was written in 4 bit assembly language stored in 1 K of ROM. Functional prototypes were built for the National Home Centers Show in Chicago.

Sealant Dispenser
Working with client staff, we assisted in developing the software for a proportional flow sealant dispenser. The software engineering tasks were accomplished in "C" for Hitachi's 6801. Cost and delivery constraints for a special customer required porting the 8 bit software to a Motorola 68010, 16 bit redesign for increased data storage and interfaces.

Automated Appliance
Custom hardware and software development to control and interface a commercial gas grill to a PC on an automated home bus. Grill control is based upon Motorola's 68HC11. The PC's custom menu driven software, operates the grill from any remote bus location. All grill software and PC menu applications were written in "C". A fully operational prototype appeared at the National Association of Home Builders trade show.

Avionics Relay
Design of a "Smart" relay for the Light Helicopter Experimental program to control and report current flow to the flight computer. The design used discrete digital and analog circuits and a Hall effect sensor to meet the criteria of the key MIL-STD's 275, 461, 740, 883, 55110.

Remote Transceiver
Development of a temperature transceiver that reports an animals deep body temperature via a 49.8MHz link. Prototypes were designed to be implemented with a Xilinx FPGA to reduce up front development cost and delivery, and ultimately with a custom Mixed Mode ASIC for economy of scale.

Voice Recognition
Design of a low cost speech recognition system using Motorola's DSP56001. Design features included; a high speed 10 bit A/D converter, expandable memory as well as battery operation. Application software is written in both assembly and higher level "C" languages.

System Integration

Chiller Plant Operational Upgrade
Implemented an automated start up sequence for a chilled water plant control and monitoring system. The chilled water plant uses a DCS architecture with three operator PCs to control a heat exchanger and refrigeration machines. The optimum balance of each cooling device is essential to plants operational efficiency. The master-slave PLC structure networks Siemens S7 300 & 400 series of controllers. The system is instrumented with flow meters, temperature & pressure transmitters and differential pressure switches. Information is displayed on each of the PCs running a custom Wonderware Intouch human machine interface application.

Distributed Multi-PLC Catalytic Converter Processing Line
Designed and developed hardware & software for  a series of catalytic converter processing equipment.  The last in the series, uses a distributed control architecture consisting of 4 Siemens S5 - 115U PLCs networked to a PC running a Wonderware InTouch Human Machine Interface application. The PLC to PC network is a 1.5 megabaud L2 Profibus link. A redundant hardwire link permits operation in the event of network problems. HMI scripting realigns the data after Profibus recovery. Each PLC communicates with its peripheral servo systems, variable frequency drives, solenoid valve banks, weighing scales, gas heater controllers etc. via the L2-DP link.

Sealant Machine
A major manufacturer of adhesive and sealant equipment was in the midst of developing a robotic applicator for use on an automotive assembly line. We participated in the software development effort using "C" for Motorola's 68010 processor running under the MTOS real time operating system. Our involvement was expanded when customers requirements demanded increased data storage and interface functionality beyond the capability of the 16-bit processor. Although the added functionality necessitated a hardware redesign using the 68332 processor, a significant portion of the software was ported to the 32-bit implementation.

Liter Bottle De-Labeler
Control system development and integration of a liter bottle de-labeler using water-jet technology.  This high speed, one bottle per second, rotary equipment uses a Siemens S5 - 95U PLC with an OP25 operator interface



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