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Product Development



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Few of today's electronic products incorporate unique or proprietary technology. Most competitors have the same basic technical tools at their disposal.

An expert in attaining competitive advantage has written that:

"Leading companies have found that the most critical time for new product development is during the initial vision of the product's features, architecture and the choice of which processes and technologies will be used in the product. A substantial amount of data from numerous industries indicates that in the first 5 to 15 percent of the product development process, the majority, 75 to 85 percent, of the mature product manufacturing cost is determined and cannot be substantially changed."

The majority of our clients have a number of common characteristics and problems.

Tight Time To Market schedules
Difficulty identifying the right feature, function, cost tradeoffs
A staff with design & support responsibility usually overburden during the new product development cycle


Hardware/Software Design & Development offers professional engineering services in solving electronic product manufacture and test problems. We provide critical technical expertise and resources to help assure success during all phases of the product development cycle.

Feasibility & Definition
Design & Development
Preproduction & Production
Assembly & Test

A Professional Engineering Resource supporting every aspect of quick-turn product developments including:

Analog & Digital Hardware Design
Assembler, "C", "C++" Firmware Development
Altium and OrCad Schematic  Capture
Altium and OrCad Board Layout

We focus on client needs by combining a high degree of creativity and functional know-how with a strong business perspective. Wherever possible we apply proven techniques and technology. We also welcome the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for unique applications.

Our most important contribution is to deliver a design that minimizes development time and manufacturing cost so that maximum market returns can be generated as soon as possible.



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